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Please Note, the 64M option is an 'advanced option' - we don't have any distros setup that work well in 64 megabytes. You can strip down most distros to the point where they will work well, we just have yet to do so. If you still want to order it, contact support@prgmr.com.

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price for 1 monthprice for 6 monthsprice for a yearramDiskNetwork transfer
$5$27$48 64MiB1.5GiB10GiB
*Note, the OS install will consume 1-2GiB of this space, including a 512M swap file. The CentOS image is the largest, at about 1.4GiB. NetBSD is only available with amd64 (NetBSD 5.1RC1 works on i386). The 64M package is only available with i386. Note, we don't re-size filesystems. Your initial install will be on the first partition of the first block device (/dev/xvda1). If you upgrade to a plan with a larger disk, we will expand the block device (/dev/xvda) but will leave the partition (/dev/xvda1) untouched.

You may also wish to view our San Jose colocation deals, if you have your own hardware.

If you wish to rent hardware from us, you may want to see the prgmr.com dedicated servers.

Please note: this is /not/ "bulletproof hosting" - If you are running a phishing site or a spamvertized site, expect to get taken down. Yes, even if you were compromised. Note; if you are compromised? the clean up is your responsibility. I can give you a new VPS (and I can let you download the old one for forensic purposes) but you need to be very careful to avoid re-infection... I have asked people that I honestly thought were compromised to leave because they simply copied their document root wholesale to the new VPS. (and thus immediately went back to being used as phishing landing pages.)

Securing your server and watching your abuse box for complaints is part of the responsibility and work that comes with running a server, virtual or otherwise; if you don't want to deal with that, there are plenty of excellent managed service providers that will largely take care of it for you... but prgmr.com is not such a provider.

I mean, compromises do happen; but you need to both put effort into preventing compromises as well as take them seriously when they do happen. If you get hacked, a proper clean-up /will/ require significant downtime.

Please note that we do not support hosting open DNS resolvers or open NTP servers due to the DDoS issues associated with these services. Hosts exposing these services may be disconnected from the network without prior warning. You can check if your server is an open DNS resolver here.

Xen-powered Virtual Private Servers.

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Please direct complaints to lsc@prgmr.com