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So, my goal is to have prgmr.com branded vending machines in area data centers, stocked with all the little things you would have to go to fry's for. Obviously, my primary goal is the prgmr.com branding, and the goodwill that comes from saving a person a trip to fry's. As you can see, right now we have a bunch of stuff pulled out of my spare pool, plus

Now, when I bought the snacktron, I went ahead and bought a bunch of cheap screwdrivers. Some of these are okay, but a bunch of them are, well, kinda garbage. I've worked with miles to set what I feel are fair prices, considering the quality, and I'm going to describe the screwdrivers below..

Note, this is run by my brother, Miles Atherton, miles@prgmr.com with my help. I purchased the machine, and the first load of stuff to go in it, but my intent is to help him get started, and help him place the things, then let him run the business. If he is unresponsive, you can contact me, of course. I have my branding on the things, and thus I want them everywhere, so I do have an incentive to see to it that you are happy.

Note, this first load was stuff that I bought (mostly stuff that looked interesting to me) and gave to miles, so he can price it how I think it ought to be priced. Future loads of stuff, hopefully, will not come out of my pocket, so it will be priced by miles. Expect prices to go up some.

Miles works at UnixSurplus in mountain view, and John Bodo, the owner of UnixSurplus sounds enthusiastic about the project, so hopefully he will be able to help miles supply more and better stuff.

Note, as time goes on, while the machine might be a 'prgmr.com' machine, the stuff (and prices) will be more and more Miles. I mean, I'm not going to let him do anything too over the line, like selling 'monster I do expect he will want to raise prices some, and I think that it's okay for him to charge a premium for, you know, bringing the retail to you. If you think prices are too far out of whack, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

positionshort descriptiondescriptionprice
B1 3m ESD wrist strap These are adequate. Personally, I prefer the cloth wristbands, but these fit in the vending machine better. $3
B2 6pc "precision" screwdriver Jewelers screwdrivers; Phillips #1, #0 and flat 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, and 3.0mm. Haven't seriously used them. $4
B3 power extender you know, so you can fit a wall wart on a power strip. $5
B4 Ethernet cable, black 5', from monoprice. $4
C1 4 port usb hub $5
C2 Ethernet cable green I don't remember the length; either 3' or 5' $3
C3 micro usb cable, short, useful and easy to carry phone charger; most non-apple smart phones these days use microusb. $4
C4 usb to I device connector. Knock-off brand. someone needs to test this. $5
D1 2x AA alkaline batteries. $3
D2 1gb usb thumbdrive in a bracelet branded 'unix surplus' - it needs to be made clear that it's a thumbdrive $5
D3 Jackly brand multi-bit screwdriver I actually like these; the bits usually (but not always) mostly stay in the holder during use. The bits are varied and useful. the whole package is pretty small (the case is not very good, though; most of them were cracked on arrival, and the ones that weren't, will be once they fall down the vend drop.) $3.00
D4 small yellow-handled multi-bit screwdriver. The black top pops off to reveal double-sided small star bits. So far, so good. Problem is, the star bits don't really fit in the screwdriver. either they are so tight that you cant get them all the way in, or they are so loose they fall out. I'm taking a loss on these, they really aren't worth a dollar. Twenty-five cents is a fair price; there are a bunch of little star bits in there that could potentially be useful, and it does kindof work, but I won't be buying more. $0.25
D5 Stanly brand #0 Phillips screwdriver. These appear to be of reasonable quality and come with a little clip so you can clip it to your pocket. I don't have much call to use #0, but these appear to be fine screwdrivers. $3
D6 Craftsman brand Phillips screwdrivers, size #1. about what you'd expect. $4
D7 dvi to hdmi $4
D8 vga to dvi $4
E1 db9 female to rj45 adapters. NOTE: the label is wrong. it's female, not male on the db9 end. E2 is the male. Super useful. I go through a lot of these; I ended up buying a giant multi-pack from an anonymous seller on ebay and thought I'd throw them in. But yeah, I use these whenever I run out of pre-made adapters to go from my serial console server to my servers. $2.00
E2 db9 male to rj45 adapters. These were laying about the office; I got 'em by accident; I needed the same thing only female. $2.00
E3 "bakku multi bit screwdriver a handful of double sided small star bits. You can shove all but one of the bits in the handle. It's kinda irritating that you can't shove all the bits in the handle; if that worked, it would be really convenient for carrying. but no, the last bit has to be loaded for use. $3
E4 large yellow-handle multi-bit screwdriver.

This is probably the most useful screwdriver in the thing; I've been using them myself so far, and they seem to be pretty okay for the price. They come with both a ring around the shaft that holds bits, but they also have a 'Rambo handle'[1] but they have handled moderately heavy use in my data center, other than the black grippy bits coming off, none of them have broken. Note, these are obviously not my first choice of screwdrivers, but extras are handy, and these are cheap. When I was setting up the snacktron, there was a 'security lock' that when locked, would prevent you from changing the prices. Well, this was the screwdriver I reached for to unscrew the plate the key was on. (turns out, it's just a jumper. Remove it, and the machine is unlocked.)

Note; I have one of these sitting in my kitchen (my garbage disposal stuck and there is a manual-turn hex nut at the bottom of the disposal. I could not locate a large enough hex key, so I took one of the screwdriver bits, put it in the handle backwards, and used that. Worked great.) and the bits are all rusty now. The bits in my backpack, my car, my office and at the data center are all fine, but just sayin' - these bits are not suitable for humid environments.

E5 A ball point pen. useful for signing documents... otherwise largely obsolete. $0.25
too big to fit Craftsman brand Phillips screwdrivers #2 These are about what you'd expect, except that many of the handles have bits chipped off. got 'em cheap on ebay, so what do you want? they appear to be genuine craftsman, the tips are all good (and it looks like the tips are made out of the quality of steel you'd expect from Craftsman; e.g. it's fine.) $5

[1]Rambo, for those of you who are not fans, makes a big deal about carrying a survival knife with a hollow handle; he had everything he needed to survive (and kill lots of bad dudes) in the handle of that knife. Of course, if you are not a fan of knives, hollow handles are considered inferior due to their obvious weak points and sometimes inferior balance. Really, screwdrivers should be solid for the same reason fighting knives should be solid. Strength and balance. The hollow advantage is similar in both cases, too- it's convenient; you aren't going to misplace your bits if they are in the handle. Of course, Rambo's knife in 'first blood' was more of a 'bag of holding' - while the big screwdriver can handle quite a few bits, it's not anywhere near Rambo capacity.

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