IPv6 certification with he.net

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So our network provider he.net has an ipv6 tunnel broker service at tunnelbroker.net and as part of their service they have a series of certification tests. The tests are quizes and practical tests of ipv6 configuration. They download a file from a web server and send you an email over ipv6 and if it works then you pass to the next level. The highest level is Sage and for that the test is to have ipv6 glue records for the domain name in the tld parent servers, and is not available for schmalenberger.us so I can't get to Sage, maybe I will register telestoat.net... I still got a neat thing for my website though:
 IPv6 Certification Badge for nschmalenberger
Colocated or tunnel users can take the tests and the tunnel server has very good latency with cogent at herakles. In fact I used the tunnel from he.net on cogent before we moved to he.net, and it is probably even better now.

For the tunnels they will give you a /48 subnet and registration is very quick unlike the other tunnel broker SixXS, who is also very good never the less. I encourage users to try the tunnels and the certification, its fun!

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