Mutt and request tracker

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Here is a perl script I wrote to take an email from mutt and close it in request tracker:


use warnings;
use strict;

use Mail::Sendmail;

my ($replyto, $replyfrom, $subject, $queue, $rthost, $isaticket);

#it must be from the address RT thinks you have

while (<STDIN>) {
        chomp $_;
        if (/^Reply-To: (.@.)$/) {$replyto=$1;}
        if (/^RT-Ticket:/) {$isaticket="true";}
        if (/^Subject: (.)$/) {$subject=$1;}

if($isaticket) {
        if ($replyto=~/^(.)(-comment){0}@(.*)$/) {
else {
        print "Not a ticket.\n";

my %mail=(
        server => 'localhost',
        from => $replyfrom,
        to => "$queue-comment\@$rthost",
        subject => $subject,
        body => 'Status: resolved',

sendmail(%mail) or die $Mail::Sendmail::error;

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