payment methods

| | Comments (0) doesn't currently have an accounting system beyond comments in the xm config files, or a ticketing system beyond my inbox. Paypal recurring payments is a fairly easy way for me to keep track of things, and it also means that my users don't need to trust me with credit cards.

If you really hate paypal, I'll take personal checks or money orders (anything I can deposit at the ATM) but I think I'd want a minimum check amount of $50; so if you wanted to pay for a year at a time of the small ones, I'll take a check- but I don't want to deal with accounting for a bunch of $5 checks.

Right now, is woefully understaffed (and I think that shows some in our pricing) Right now, I don't have the resources to do this right, so I'm picking and choosing what falls behind. I'd rather sacrifice the convenience of multiple payment methods than sacrifice technical quality (though to be honest, some of that is happening as well.)

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