lvm mirroring is supported and widely used.

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This title is, of course, a complete lie.  It looks like our disk layout scheme broke LVM snapshots.  To quote from our testing:

# lvcreate -s -L 100M -d hydra_domU/test -n test_snap
  Snapshots and mirrors may not yet be mixed.

That's some real well-supported technology there.  Google gives me two results for that error message, both of which are source diffs.

I'm not sure what to do about this.  Every so often I feel like abandoning LVM mirroring entirely and moving to LVM on MD, but that didn't exactly fill us with joy either.

I'm also considering bypassing the LVM-specific snapshot implementation and using the device mapper directly, but that worries me.  I would want to know why snapshots and mirrors can't be mixed before implementing snapshots anyway.

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