New rdns policy

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so, having rdns point back to me makes handling abuse reports much easier (that is, it makes it much more likely I will get the complaint rather than my upstream)  -  so I am going to require you to stay on a rdns until you have been a paying customer for 3 months. 

Like everything, exceptions can be made, but if I don't know you, it's three months (or you can pay up-front for three months, with the understanding that you won't get it back if I shut you down for AUP violations.) 

the AUP:

pretty standard, except for the bit where I prohibit all bulk mail without my approval. 
I'm not interested in hosting even most double-opt in lists-  most of the larger lists, even if they are legitimately double-opt in, generate more complaints than I am willing to deal with at these prices.    If you are a legitimate mail sender, I would suggest you start with 


this policy has been reascended; we now do rdns for everyone. the whois data for the IP still points to me so abuse reports still go to the right place.

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