IPv6 by accident.

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Yesterday I got a funny e-mail from a customer. He was asking for RDNS for his IPv6 address. The funny part is that I thought that I had not yet setup IPv6.

I currently claim to support only IPv4. I did ask for an IPv6 allocation, and about a week ago my provider got back to me with a netblock from he.net, but I've been busy, and I have yet to get around to actually playing with the stuff. Besides, we still have north of 900 days before we run out of IPv4 at the current burn rate.[1]

Now, I've read about this 'IPv6 stateless auto-configuration'[2] The idea is that IPv6 routers announce prefixes via ICMP6 once every 10 seconds, and then the client does some math to create the rest of the IP address using the mac address.

I ask my customer what the IPv6 address he has is, and if it actually works. Yup, the address is in my block, and yes, it works. He just needs an RDNS mapping.

Hopefully, my provider will get me the rdns delegation Tuesday or Wednesday.

Easy Peasy.



still no rdns. grumble

rdns now works for IPv6. pester me if you want it.

Do you need to do anything special to pick up an IPv6 address? I've switched on autoconf and RA for the interface but no success - no global address discovered.

gah. sorry. you are in the new location, and the IPv6 router isn't setup yet. I'm trying to take care of that this weekend.

I still haven't fixed IPv6 at the new location.

Hi luke, I can see you've been pretty snowed-under with demand but were you able to take a look at this? I've managed to get my server more or less how I like it and native IPv6 for it would be cool.

I've ordered the parts (I'm going to try out one of those funny little SuperMicro server atom boards) It's not here yet, though.

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