has anyone experience with SVTIX?

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So, I need more co-lo space. I'm currently at he.net. They are OK, I guess. My international customers seem to be pretty impressed with my latency, and I like the native IPv6.

The problem is that they will only sell you 15A circuts (that's only 1125 watts usable. A competent admin is never going to go above 75% of a circuit's rated capacity, so we are talking fitting 9 or 10 of my 1U servers in that full rack.) at the freemont location where I am, and they were full last time I asked anyhow.

I need 20A of power (if I can get 30A single-phase 208V, that's even better) a full (locking, 4 post) cabinet, and a 10Mbps commit on a 100Mbps pipe (bonus if it's a 1000Mbps pipe) with reasonable overage charges. I also want the ability to bring in cross connects from other providers and exchange points as my bandwidth use grows.

(now, no two ways about it. He.net is a cheap provider. you can hear the whine of the alarms on the failed PDUs as you walk through the place. But unless your hardware is a lot better than mine, even a crappy datacenter is going to be a whole lot more reliable than x86 hardware. I like cheap.)

So I've been looking around. I found some ridiculously good prices at egihosting for 20A circuits, and very fair bandwidth prices. they are in at SVTIX in san jose. the big problem here is that they don't allow cross connects from other providers (which in my experience means that once they have you locked in, they will screw you on bandwidth charges.)

I'm asking SVTIX for a direct quote, we'll see what they have to say. If any of you have used them, let me know what you thought.

But yeah. I want to play with BGP and peering... this means I need access to cheap bandwidth so I can get my usage up to something worth peering with without breaking my budget, and I need to get access to more than one provider, and once my usage is up, I need to get access to something like metroPAIX or some other major exchange.

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