more unplanned downtime.

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Or, wouldn't remote console access be nice? appears to be down.  We're bringing it back up as soon as possible.  Here's the back story:

I stupidly created two domUs with identical MAC addresses.  As far as we can tell, this destroyed Xen's virtual bridge. . .  First my SSH connection went.  Twenty minutes later, the entire box and domains hosted on it became unpingable.  I feel terrible about the entire thing.

Luke's headed out now to reboot the machine.

I think I'm going to write some Python to automatically generate MAC addresses from IP addresses.


we drive out to the co-lo and the box is up. apparently it panicked or otherwise rebooted, and we just didn't wait long enough. Everything was fine, save for dhcpd, which I noticed wasn't running and fixed late that evening.

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