rebooting hydra and lion

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if I do it right, all you will notice is 5 minutes of inactivity, as Xen is configured to save all the DomUs to disk.  (much like how you can  hibernate your laptop)

In the spirit of "only make each mistake once" we are installing serial consoles after the problem on boar the other day.   We will also be upgrading dom0 kernels to the centos latest.


And the reboot is done. Please complain directly to if you are still down or if you got rebooted (It looks like I [mostly] didn't screw it up; you should not have experienced a reboot.)

I almost broke it hardcore because I interrupted yum, and it corrupted something. Yum on the Hydra Dom0 is still broken... I had to update the required RPMs by hand (fortunately, it's a pretty minimal system) So, red hat why did you bring the windows registry to Linux? at least when yum/rpm is broken it only makes installing new programs slightly harder, it doesn't crash the server.

I think the next Dom0 might be Slackware, or maybe something pkgsrc based.

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