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I brought the first new server online last weekend, and I have two more ready to go. check out the ridiculous SuperMicro 1U twin I was talking about the other day. Note the ESD precautions. But yeah, each motherboard in that dual-motherboard 1u? 32GB ram. Ridiculous.

Some have suggested that my new slogan should be "We save money on web design, and pass the savings on to you!" but really, we're working on it, hopefully we will have a new layout soon. One of the new guys knows css, and Chris is an excellent designer, so between the two of them, I should get something reasonable.

We're working on a new provisioning system... all my competitors have wiz-bang systems that let you build out capacity on demand. Kindof irritating that I'm four years in and still don't have a good provisioning system.

I am self-funding, so the downturn hasn't effected me yet. (the self-funding mostly comes from my contracting operations, so it is possible I will be effected, but if I fill up the servers I have in the garage, well, the consulting operations will start to matter a lot less.) I'm going to try to use this time when my competitors can't get loans to ramp up my customer base. Maybe price will matter more now than it did before.

note to existing customers: if you let me move you to hydra-new, you get to keep your current disk allocation and still get the lower prices for ram.

never again

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will I schedule co-lo work on a friday night.  Bad idea.  I'm tired from the work week, and I haven't had time to properly prepare and test everything.  Downtime was a little over 3 hours.  I'll figure out how that fits into the SLA  in the morning. 

But yeah.  Also, I'm never again going to buy a server without hot-swap drives.  this would have gone considerably faster with hot swap drives.

And furthermore, I am going to abandon the more complex mirrored LVM setup I currently have in favor of using md to do the mirroring and using LVM on top of my MD devices. 

downtime should be under 10 minutes.  you are being moved on to the new server, which means that our new,  low-priced plans are available.  (I'm not done tweaking the prices/ram, I will probably even out the curve a little, but the price per megabyte of ram won't be going up.) 

I will be removing two of our legacy servers to make room for our new server.   (one of them doesn't have customers on it, only customers on hydra should be impacted by this.) 

It has begun,  hind is going down now.  After that, hydra
Late Friday night, I'm going to head down to the co-lo and replace the failed drive on Boar's mirror.  If this task goes well, customers will notice nothing more than a short period of unreachability. the save/restore should put them back where they were without a reboot. 

ok starting now

´╗┐ok, bad drive is samsung w/ serial s13Uj1nq108089

always mark serials before replacing drives... this much I have learned.