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I broke dhcpd

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last night on my way home from SCALE;  someone was complaining of DHCP issues, I went in and played with it and broke it.  Didn't notice 'till just now. 

At this point, everyone ought to be using static addresses (all new customers do)  but I know we have some older ones on DHCP.  I think I owe those customers free months. 
so apparently sometime in the past weeks the /etc/resolv.conf on our mediawiki server, book.xen.prgmr.com got scrambled, rendering the server unable to send confirmation emails. As I require a confirmation before you can edit the wiki, this has prevented new users from logging in to the wiki. I fixed it, and new users can now confirm themselves. If you created a book.xen.prgmr.com wiki user in the last weeks and haven't gotten a confirmation, email me and I can enable you by hand.

For the record, here is how you enable people by hand:

mysql> use wikidb
mysql> update user set user_email_authenticated='20090201111111' where user_name='Chris2'