Charity and advertising

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Running a business, of course, I need advertising. Now, personally I think that charity and advertising can go hand in hand. Doing something good often gets you press in ways that are more valuable than the kind of press you can directly buy. A linux user group saying that they host on my server is probably worth quite a lot of those pay-per-click search ads. It is cheaper for me, usually, and it supports causes I like. I like Open-Source software, and I recognise that it does need some support from commercial entities, and I also recognise that commercial entities like would not exist without open-source software. (for that matter, I wouldn't be able to do my dayjob without open-source software. Open-source is what allows me to be drastically more productive (and thus get paid more) than a windows reboot monkey.)

If you are running a computer or open-source related project that is generally not profit-seeking (you don't need to officially be non-profit... I'm writing off the cost of hosting you as an advertising expense, rather than writing off the retail value of the package as a charitable donation. Smaller writeoff for me, but much easier to defend.) email, and maybe we can reach an agreement. At this moment, I'm not in a position to hand out free images that consume more than 10Mbps on the 95th percentile, but I hope to change that soon.

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