Co-location in San Jose: My plan.

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so yeah, remember I asked about svtix a while back? Well, it looks like I'm pulling the trigger on that one. I'm getting me a full rack, with 20A of 110V power. I really only need about half that right now, but for another $150 or so on the half rack I really need, I can get a full rack.

I was going to just split this 50-50 with another guy, but it seems like he is backing out 'cause his dayjob wants him to focus. I can understand, but eh, when my dayjob asks me to choose between them and, well, the dayjob looses. There's a reason why I call it a dayjob. is what I actually want to do.

Anyhow, my dayjob doesn't seem to be in any danger of doing that. Here's the plan: I'm going to buy the full rack, set it up real nice, and then rent out the space I don't need at near cost.

Now, I've chosen to go with a reseller for svtix. I'm going through egihosting, as their prices are good, and they give me bandwidth at cogent prices.

(not that bandwidth is super-premium, or that Cogent is unacceptable, but Cogent doesn't do IPv6, and does. (Yeah, people care. we have less than 3 years of the status quo, and after that, IPv6 appears to be by far the most pleasant alternative. Not the only alternative, mind you, just the best one. Also, even though bandwidth is very rarely the least reliable part of your data center, if you use cogent, there are certain people who will avoid you for that reason alone.)

Also, and this is perhaps the biggest reason I'm going with egihosting- they are up front. No 'call the salesman and we will fuck around for half an hour trying to figure out how much you can pay' before getting a price bullshit. they put their prices on their website, just like I do. I like that.

Now, I try as much as possible to not be effected by how a place (or a person, for that matter) looks. I rented my first data center sight unseen for this very reason. (it works out rather well when hiring employees, so I thought why not?) this was in Sacramento at heraklesdata a data center I'm almost out of. The problem was that when I showed up to put in my servers, I found that the two post rack I got was less than two feet from a chain link fence, meaning you could only just squeeze by the next guys stuff to get in. ridiculous. so now I go and look.

I visited the svtix data center a few weeks ago, and it looked pretty cool. I show up and there is this squat industrial looking building, with a bunch of generator sheds behind the parking lot, and a yellow civil defense 'fallout shelter' sign. The inside of the data center also looks pretty good. I could bring customers here.

Pricing here is pretty good. $750/month gets me a full rack, 20A of 110V and 10Mbps bandwidth. It appears that additional bandwidth is around $7.5 per Mbps if I commit, and $15/Mbps for overages. Better than I've seen anywhere else (at least anywhere else within driving distance of my place) (oddly they told me in email that their overages were $15/Mbps. I didn't negotiate that or anything, so I guess they need to update the website)

Extra power is $350 for another 20A hookup. Oh, there is a $500 setup fee on top of that. I'd save a little money (and/or have a lot more power) getting a 208V 30A circuit, but I already have rebooters rated for 110V, and with 110V I can wait to pay for the second circuit until I actually need it.

So here is what I'm thinking: the cabinet is 42U, I need 1U for switches, 1u for network/abuse monitoring (snort) 1U for serial console, 2u for routers and 2U for the controller unit for my rebooter, leaving 34U that I could use myself or sell.

First, unless I get a bunch of guys hosting atoms, there's no way I can get 35 servers on a single 20A circuit. so we've got to factor in at least two circuits, three if we are talking dual-CPU servers. so with two circuits, my cost is $750+$350 $1100 a month, or $31.43/month per saleable U, and assuming I use 75% of each 110V, 20A circuit, each one of the 42U (the switches, routers, rebooters, and serial consoles also use power) can use 78w and change.

here's my plan: offer a hosting deal. 1u, 1 socket, including remote power control and a remotely-accessible serial console. $50/month is the number I'm thinking of, but I might have to black list certain extra hungry CPUs at that price. (might not... just if everyone shows up with a server like the 1u core2quad q6600s I used to use that ate north of 100W, I could have a problem.) I'm thinking a $50 setup fee to cover the time of the person who has got to drive down and set you up. I'm hoping that my rebooter and serial console mean that you don't need to go back. If I can, say, have setup day once a week, I could probably reduce that $50 fee somewhat.

The plan is to only offer this a short while, just until I get the parts of the rack I don't need sold. After that I look it over again and see if it makes sense to do another rack that way or not.

at that rate, I'd gross $1700, and net $575/month before support costs on the rack (If I rented the whole thing out, which I won't. I need some of that for servers.)

Now, support for a physical server is not much different from support for a virtual, from a network perspective, so I think I have that covered. (well, I need to spend some more quality time with snort, but I need to do that regardless.)

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