outage for customers on the 74.113.30/24 block

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It's being Dos'd hard enough to take out our upstream, and they've shut it down.   It happened for only an hour yesterday, but it happened again today.    I'm pouring through packet dumps right now trying to 1. get the upstreams upstream to blackhole the worst dest. IPs rather than all the IPs from that upstream, and 2. trying to get the source IPs so that we can track them down and get them blackholed by their providers. 

All effected customers (and it should be only a few of the newest customers who are effected)  will get some credit as per the SLA.

Update:  looks like my provider is not giving me back 74.113.30.  We need to renumber you.   Everyone on that block gets a free month.  


oh, hey. want to select all usernames and emails based on IP addresses in FreeSide? here is the query:

freeside=> select username,cust_pkg.pkgnum, svc_acct.svcnum,slipip,cust_pkg.custnum,cust_main_invoice.dest from svc_acct,cust_svc,cust_pkg,cust_main_invoice where svc_acct.svcnum=cust_svc.svcnum and cust_svc.pkgnum=cust_pkg.pkgnum and cust_main_invoice.custnum=cust_pkg.custnum and slipip like '74.113.30.%';

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