IPv6 RA blocked in Fremont

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So last week at the he.net data center in Fremont, one of our providers switches rebooted and afterwards we haven't been receiving any IPv6 router advertisements on our lan. We contacted them immediately, but it still hasn't been fixed. Meanwhile, the workaround is to manually add a static default route and what the autoconfigured address would be if the RAs were being received. For example in linux, the command would be ip -6 route add default via 2001:470:1:41::1 dev eth0 for the default route and ip addr add 2001:470:1:41:(replace with host portion of your ipv6 address)/64 dev eth0.


I'm still not getting RAs... For that matter, I can't even reach that router if I manually configure. Do you have any update on IPv6 stuff?

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