hydra rebooting shortly

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we're trying to see if we can xm save like we did on lion, unlike we did on boar, but it's a pretty old box, so we might be rebooting you. 

[root@hydra /]# uptime
 18:56:26 up 410 days, 15:44,  2 users,  load average: 0.09, 0.29, 0.25


okay,we are rebooting now.

what a mess. Having the same 'rebuilding LVs' problem as on boar

still working on hydra. Hydra is a piece of junk. we will be moving people off asap. but for tonight, I'm getting it back up. with the lvm mirroring rebuilding it's slow going doing anything else (there was confusion because hydra was built when I tried to move disks from two smaller servers into one larger server; there was a reason I only did this once.)

but, it looks like I've mostly got it sorted out, and we should be back in business shortly.

for future reference, if someone else is using lvm mirroring, this is how you recover from a failed disk:

[root@hydra ~]# vgreduce --removemissing --force hind_domU
Couldn't find device with uuid 'NDkBDo-fzni-zgg9-AhpQ-FAlJ-WdRL-rm5v4b'.
Couldn't find device with uuid 'NDkBDo-fzni-zgg9-AhpQ-FAlJ-WdRL-rm5v4b'.


WARNING: Bad device removed from mirror volume, hind_domU/fbsd_test
WARNING: Mirror volume, hind_domU/fbsd_test converted to linear due to device failure.
Unable to determine mirror sync status of hind_domU/fbsd_test_boot.
WARNING: Bad device removed from mirror volume, hind_domU/fbsd_test_boot
WARNING: Mirror volume, hind_domU/fbsd_test_boot converted to linear due to device failure.


and then

[root@hydra ~]# vgchange -a y hind_domU
26 logical volume(s) in volume group "hind_domU" now active

(hind_domU, of course, being your volume group name)

this means I can start bringing up everyone

ok, hydra is coming back up. some of you have been rudely rebooted, but most of you should be back to where you were, with no apparent reboot.

everyone on hydra should be back now. If you still have problems, please scream now.

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