lion rebooting for kernel refresh and a move

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root@lion ~]# uptime
 18:12:12 up 451 days, 17:42,  8 users,  load average: 0.01, 0.03, 0.00

as usual, if we don't screw it up it will be 20 minutes downtime and no reboot for you, due to xm save/restore


upgrade done, lion going down for reboot now

lion is coming back up, doing fsck right now:

/dev/lion_domU/xendomains_save has gone 478 days without being checked, check forced.

it's restoring xendomains now. extra slow thanks to the way we are using lvm in mirror mode. the slowness will clean up after everyone gets done resyncing. But people are coming back, and they don't appear to have rebooted.

more than half done. 14 out of 24 domains restored, all look good. Ugh. no more lvm mirroring.

ok, all customer domains are up. it's restoring now.

everyone should be up now. disk performance will suck for the next 5-10 hours.

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