rebooting cerberus to replace a bad drive. Ugh. never again sata_nv

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yeah.  so sata_nv doesn't hot swap on the 2.6.18 xen kernel that comes with xen 3.3.  ugh. 

if nothing goes too badly, you won't notice the reboot;  your host will only be unreachable for
a few minutes, you will not actually experience a reboot. 


Hi, is there still a problem with cerberus ? If so, any ETA on the resolution ?

i am an idiot and didn't setup grub correctly on the secondary disk on the raid. having trouble with my rescue disk (putting the grub boot blocks is trivial)

ok, we are booting up again. sorry.

ugh. another problem. give us a few.

Hi, sorry.. Should I be able to connect into my domain by now on cerberus ?

hah. ok, looks like this one was halfway converted to readonly-root. what an abortion. /etc/sysconfig/readonly-root is useful when you need it but ruins your whole day otherwise. Xen customers should be back up shortly.

everyone should be back up now. we'll issue credits for this at some point.

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