I messed up hamper when I was at the co-lo

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ugh. all users of hamper will get a month credit. heading down to work on it now.

edit: hamper is back up.

So, hamper had 4 drives (a stripe of mirrors) with a fifth, a spare. many months ago, one of the drives began failing. I removed that drive from the raid, and rebuilt onto the hot spare.

Earlier today, when I was dealing with the DoS, I thought I'd pull the drive and return it for warranty service. Bad idea. the computer siezed up.

It appears that for 8 hours, writes didn't go through to the hard drives. I have reset the drive, and hamper appears functional again. the outage appears to be from 02:36:36 to 20:46:47 PST

Other than the 8 hours of no writes, it appears that there was no data loss. if you are on hamper and are still having problems, please let me know.

This has encouraged me to accelerate my long-talked about backup plan.


\o/ backup plans! \o/

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