roadblock in getting an ARIN allocation

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so, for the past few days I've been trying to get my initial IP allocation from ARIN. Here is what they say: writes:

> Hello,
> Thank you for your reply.  This is close to what we needed but we
> still need you to provide the actual customer name for each IP
> assignment in the list provided please.

I called and asked if this was also policy when DSL providers asked for IP addresses that would be statically assigned, and they said this was true of all static IP addresses.

I explained that my existing policy that prevents me from releasing personal information without a court order.

So, for now, I will be buying more IPs from my upstream. Until this is solved, we will not be giving people more than one IP per VPS.

If you are okay with me giving your full name to ARIN (under NDA) please email me. if 1024 of you are okay with that, my problem is solved. Please note, they aren't looking for email, postal address or anything else, just your name.


I'm pretty sure I found 1024 of your customers' names here:


yes, that's what I've been advised to do by several people; but just like I don't want to lie to my customers, I also don't want to lie to ARIN.

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