NetBSD with Xen 4.0 (and Gentoo!)

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So our 2 newest servers, mantle and chessboard, are running Xen 4.0.1 and a customer reported that the network driver in NetBSD as a domU doesn't work anymore. Apparently, it is because of the driver using "flipping mode" instead of "copying mode", according to these posts on the netbsd port-xen and xen-users mailing lists. The same customer also made this really nice wiki page about Gentoo as a DomU so they receive a free month. If anyone does want to run NetBSD we can find  room for you on a dom0 with Xen 3 also where NetBSD works fine.


wow! very good wiki page about gentoo. I'm already running gentoo on my prgmr box for some months but I was too lazy to write something to the wiki... my bad! happily someone did it :o)

nice work!

Are there any plans to update existing servers to Xen 4?

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