ipv6 routing, bgp and quagga

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Our ipv6 router wasn't routing outbound for a few hours this morning because I moved the ipv6 default route configuration from into quagga and I mispasted it. We're starting to use quagga because we are having more static routes to manage and we are also planning to start using bgp. Today we will send a letter of agency to our provider to advertise some routes for our customers who have their own provider independent address blocks, and we plan to have our own block soon also (hopefully!). We should be able to multihome our provider address blocks too which will help reliability. Wish us luck!


I was having issues connecting to my VPS starting around 2PM PST on the 16th from Seattle, and lasted till this morning or so (whenever I checked). I could actually get to the VPS from a server in Maryland, so I know the VM wasn't down. Wasn't sure if it was a routing issue at Comcast. Could this have been related? Just curious.Thanks!

This shouldn't have affected ipv4 at all, right now it is a whole other router than for ipv6 and the bgp project. If you think there is a routing problem, please send us a traceroute! Thanks.

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