rebooting branch to add new disks

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yes, we still have some socket F / nvidia motherboards in production.   branch needs a reboot to see the new drives, because the nvidia sata driver sucks.    

We're using the 'xm save' capabilities, so for most of you, you will see 10-20 minutes of being offline, then you will be back, without experiencing a reboot.  

for those running netbsd or debian derived distros, if you see problems, do a reboot.  Debian5 xen kernels tend to recover poorly from a xm restore.  

We will attempt to go though people's console on startup and catch these problems for you, but just in case, all of the restore-related badness can be fixed with a reboot.

Again, most of you shouldn't have to worry about this; it should just work.  

edit: we're running some final checks, but you should all be back now.

everything looks good.  I'm rebuilding the raid.  expect poor disk performance for the next 900 minutes or so.  

edit:  the raid rebuild is done;  everything should be back to normal.  let us know if there are problems.

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