Hardware issues with jewel

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We believe the problem is a bad PSU;  Nick is working on it right now.  

Update:  We decided that it'd be faster to swap the drives into ellsworth, one of our dual quad-core intel servers, which is actually quite a nice server; much newer than Jewel was.   We're having some kernel issues so for now, it's running on Nick's USB ethernet adapter, which I'm not particularly happy about, but it's better than nick and I screwing around with the kernel on this old, touchy setup while we are half-asleep.   

The plan is to move everyone off this box on to newer systems with more and newer drives starting on Sunday, after we're fresh.

Meanwhile, all users on Jewel will get a free month.  Megan is working on that now; credits will be applied, uh, probably within a week.  

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