bull is down again after the move

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It looks like bull went down around 11:30 Pacific Time here on Tuesday, with no errors on the console. I suspect a power supply or other hardware failure, because when we first turned it on there was a loud pop. Trying again a few minutes later worked, but resetting the power port now doesn't help. Luke is going to try to put its disks in a newer system.

We will update here when its working again, and users on bull should get a free month also. Please email support@prgmr.com if you have any questions. Thanks.

edit at 01:35 by Luke

I've got a spare PSU, and if that doesn't work I have a whole spare server that is largely identical to bull; I'll just swap the disks and be done with it. 

edit at 02:42 by luke

I swapped the PSU and bull is coming back online.

edit at 02:51 by Luke:

all customers on bull are back up.

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