Robe, Mares and Bull moving tonight

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Bull is going down first and coming up last, 'cause it needs to rebuild disk before moving

Bull is going down now;  the others will start going down once we prep MPT to receive the servers. 

edit at 23:23:  robe and mares going down now.

edit at 05:25:  both bull and mares are old servers that had weird disk configurations, and lots of bad disks.   I think it's all sorted out and you should be coming up now.

edit at 06:09  everyone should be back.  ugh.  sorry. 


any ETA on when bull will be back up?

Something seems not to be going to plan - I'm guessing they're experiencing problems with the move. As far as I can tell (and I may be wrong), mares is still down.

yup. mares should be back up shortly. bull, hopefully within the hour.

Affirmative, mares is pinging now. A rather unpleasant night?

yeah, fortunately I slept all day, so I'm not trying to do this while dead tired.

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