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error cancelling users

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On Friday, I shutdown a list of users who cancelled, and I also shutdown users whose username includes a cancelled username as a substring. In the past I noticed these false positives when searching for one username at a time, but this time I didn't notice them all in the list. 3 users emailed complaints about this who I have enabled again, and I found another one with more shell scripting to count the matches of each username. I gave a free month credit to these users, and if I missed another user please email us at so I can reenable you again. Sorry.

soft lockup on knife

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man, we've gotta upgrade that kernel.  anyhow, we are back.

BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!

Call Trace:
 <IRQ> [<ffffffff8025758a>] softlockup_tick+0xce/0xe0
 [<ffffffff8020df48>] timer_interrupt+0x3a0/0x3fa
 [<ffffffff80257874>] handle_IRQ_event+0x4e/0x96
 [<ffffffff80257960>] __do_IRQ+0xa4/0x105
 [<ffffffff803a638f>] neigh_periodic_timer+0x0/0x157
[Sun Mar 25 01:33:53 2012] [<ffffffff8020bd5c>] do_IRQ+0x44/0x4d
 [<ffffffff8034c980>] evtchn_do_upcall+0x19e/0x250
 [<ffffffff80209d8e>] do_hypervisor_callback+0x1e/0x2c
 <EOI> [<ffffffff80358252>] show_wr_sect+0x0/0x68
 [<ffffffff802ebbf9>] __read_lock_failed+0x5/0x14
 [<ffffffff80343f3e>] get_device+0x17/0x20
 [<ffffffff803fc3fd>] .text.lock.spinlock+0x53/0x8a
 [<ffffffff80358279>] show_wr_sect+0x27/0x68
 [<ffffffff802bc351>] sysfs_read_file+0xa5/0x12e
 [<ffffffff8027e3f5>] vfs_read+0xcb/0x171
[Sun Mar 25 01:33:53 2012] [<ffffffff8027e7d4>] sys_read+0x45/0x6e
 [<ffffffff802097b2>] tracesys+0xab/0xb5