network maintainince Sunday evening

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We're going to be replacing sphinx with manticore.   It should be a matter of moving the cables; if we don't screw it up, it should be a matter of seconds.   worst case, 5 minutes downtime and we roll back.    It's the same quagga config, it's just better hardware.

And we're back.  It was about 5 minutes, but spread, which makes it worse.    around 30 seconds around 17:17 then around a minute at 17:23, then around two minutes around 17:53

We screwed up the vlan config;  we use a quagga software router, and the vlans are written in /etc/network/interfaces, while everything else is in quagga.   Being as we haven't rebooted the router in... a long time[1] this means that  we had a error in our interfaces file.  We rolled back, figured out the problem, fixed it, and rolled forward.

Anyhow, we're back online with a quagga box with a rather more powerful CPU (an E3-1220;  the full power 3.1ghz quad core version, not the dual core low power version I've been talking about using as a utility server) and we're keeping the old quagga server around just in case something horrible happens.  

[1]root@sphinx:~# uptime
 17:39:21 up 190 days, 17:47,  5 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
Also note, the mac address of the router changed, so people that had statically routed to the link local address fe80::230:48ff:febc:a19a were broken until just now, when nick bound it to the new router.  Don't use that as the default gateway, please.   

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