rehnquist crash.

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sata_mv 0000:03:06.0: PCI ERROR; PCI IRQ cause=0x30000040

I rebooted it, it will be returning shortly.  Unless that error means something rather different than I think, I will be shutting down to replace the sata_mv card soon (pci-x card... used, I should not have used it.)

The sata_mv card in question is the older marvell supermicro 8 port sata card:

which I only used because it was all I could find;   the store was out of what I use on
some of the other rebuilt mcp55 servers like burger:

Update: rehnquist crashed again this morning, and I rebooted it. -Nick 11:36


Any idea how much longer Rehnquist will be offline for? Still can't connect to Rehnquist or my VPS.

should be back up now.

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