major network outage today.

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here's what I had on the front page when blog was down: 

complete network outage at my stuff at mpt and svtix since 8:40 or so
local time.   It looks like an upstream networking issue... less than a
month before our second line is installed.  embarrassing.   (I don't know
for sure it's them, but it looks that way, an their support line is ringing busy.)

Update 9:50 local time:  I have confirmation that it is an upstream
outage, so it's not my fault, but there isn't a lot I can do about it.
I do have a second upstream scheduled for install on the 15th that I will
be configuring to run redundantly, but that doesn't help us today.   I do
have confirmation that my current upstream is aware of and working on
the problem.

Update: 11:28 local time:
we appear to be back up.  No incident report as of yet, but I see the egi guys huddling around a rack, it appears that they replaced a bad switch.
I'll have a full incident report and move all this info to soon.

I thought I had an eta in there somewhere, eh.    I am prgmrcom on twitter, and I posted details there, and I kept #prgmr on updated.

Anyhow, this is my fault for only having one upstream.  I do have papers signed to get another upstream in on the 15th (cogent) for redundancy (and a lot more bandwidth)  -  and a third ( is in the works but the dates are less clear.

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