unclean reboot of crock

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got paged just now, crock hung hard.   Can't even goose the hypervisor via serial, which is unusual.   I rebooted the thing  via the power port and it appears it is coming back. 

here's what the console log looked like when I logged in:

(XEN) traps.c:2232:d508 Domain attempted WRMSR 00000000c0010004 from 00000a0f:46a0982e to 00000000:0000abcd.
(XEN) traps.c:2232:d509 Domain attempted WRMSR 00000000c0010004 from 00008552:8b638e39 to 00000000:0000abcd.
(XEN) traps.c:2232:d510 Domain attempted WRMSR 00000000c0010004 from 00001561:1341c90b to 00000000:0000abcd.
[-- lsc@localhost attached -- Mon May  7 03:45:19 2012]
[-- Console down -- Mon May  7 03:45:20 2012]
[-- Console up -- Mon May  7 03:45:20 2012]

which is to say, nothin.

Anyhow, it looks like people are coming back up.  I'm going back to sleep.

So, uh, yeah, it crashed right after that and I called Nick, who worked on it while I slept.  he got crock up and running (we will have to wait until he gets up again for a report of what the problem was) but then he called me back with a hung disk on fuller, just before 8am, so it's my turn again.

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