an experiment in support.

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I have cleared the support queue.  Any problems you are having are therefore figments of your imagination.

To be fair, it wasn't entirely me.  I fed Nick tickets at a slow rate, with specific and actionable questions, and acted on his advice.  I did the same with Luke, who was also busy moving people off Cerberus.

I had a several reasons for doing this.  First, the queue needs to get done.  This is a customer-facing business, and support is important, and month-long delays without replies aren't acceptable.  So that's a simple reason.  But beyond that, I wanted to demonstrate that clearing the queue really isn't all that difficult.  I estimate that there were about 30 tickets, plus a few that came in during the day.  I spent about 6 hours working on them, plus about 6 hours from Nick, Luke, and Megan, although our time accounting is necessarily fuzzy.  That works out to about 20 staff-minutes per ticket.  My feeling is that about 10 tickets usually come in per day.  That means that a single support person, particularly with assistance from the rest of the staff, can easily handle the load.  Even a half-time support person could do it quite easily (again, assuming that the front-line support requires about half the time budget, with the rest done by others.)

I therefore conclude that clearing the queue every day is a reasonable goal, and that getting someone to specialize in doing it would be a good investment.

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