as I warned, hamper is moving tonight

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going down now (20:20 local time)

ugh.  that took way too long.  22:33 local time, and it's coming back up. 

Note, this was my fault.    I thought I was having serial console problems, but I wasn't. policy is to set 'power on after power fail on' (so that we can always turn things on by bouncing the PDU port. prgmr policy is also to have all PDUs be remotely rebootable)    But this server was set incorrectly.  I plugged it in and went to work on the serial console, where I expected problems.   It took me a very long time to realize that the box was actually off.  

I blame the fact that I didn't schedule anyone else to stand by with me.  I think it's usually best to have one person in the data center and one person in a comfortable chair with good internet access.   This was just me, though.

Also note, I warned the customers with the following message:

We'll be moving hamper to 55 s. market tomorrow night as part of our
plan to move out of Fremont.  This will give us more reliable power
and additionally will actually save us money. has the cheapest
racks around, but limits power so much that it's cheaper to go with more
expensive, higher density racks at 55 s. market.  

but I failed to notify the other employees properly. guh. anyhow, we have a bunch more of these to do this week. The next ones, I hope, will go more smoothly.

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