Unplanned downtime on horn

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so I get paged about horn during rush hour.  Nothing.  no serial.  It's on a 2 in 1u, so I can't flip the PDU port. 

I head in and that side of the 2 in 1u is /hot/   the other side is just fine.  (It feels like there is plenty of air flowing through that side, but  I don't have a meter or anything, and I can't de-rack that server without taking down it's twin)  

Anyhow, I take another server out of my van and swap disks.   New server has a LSI sas controller and intel nic, so I'm doing the necessary with the kernel to make that work now.    It shouldn't be too much longer.

Update: 21:11

Still down.  working on the kernel upgrade

update 21:37

Kernel upgrade complete, system booted, test domains up, customer domains booting.  I think we are okay. 

update 21:57

and I discovered that I screwed up IPv6.   fixed.

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