Update on the very serious problems with guests on boutrous.prgmr.com

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It looks like the data for 75% of the domains on boutros is gone.   srn
is still working on it, and seems to think it's worth her time;  Meanwhile I'm
going to set everyone up with new domains.   We'll get you the data later,
but at least for now you will have something.

The remaining 25% seem to have some minor corruption but seem mostly okay,
to the extent that we have poked.

Of course, you can ask for a refund;  this server mostly houses people who
signed up in the last month or so.  Considering the unacceptable level of
service I have given you, I think it's pretty reasonable for you to demand
a refund and leave.  Email support@prgmr.com and we'll give you a full

If you are willing to stick around and give me another chance, we will
double your ram and quadruple your disk (you get to keep the upgrade for
as long as you continue paying for your current plan.)   We will also
give you a 3 month credit.   (we're doing the credits by hand;  it's
pretty haphazard.  If you don't get it within the
next few days, complain to support@prgmr.com.)

I'll post another blog entry as I know more.   If you want to look at the
post-mortem notes srn has made, they are linked below, but it's still
raw stuff.  We should have more definitive 'what happened' answers in
the next few days.


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