About the new datacentere setup

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As you may have heard, we're moving datacenteres.  

Right now?   we have two 3.84kw racks of prgmr.com/xen stuff at svtix, 250 stockton in san jose;  (we have 2x 1.9kw racks of quarter-rack co-lo there, too) 

We have two 3.8kw racks in suite 1460 at 55 s. market, rented through egihosting (they also rent us a 1 gigabit port with a 200Mbps commit, and a gigabit connection from 55 s. market to 250 stockton.) 

We have 1 3.3Kw rack in suite 1433 at 55 s. market, direct with coresite.  

(we also have two servers with rippleweb in sacramento) 

That's it.

So, now we're moving to coresite santa clara;   We're getting 4x 5kw racks there, and moving out of everything but the one 3.3kw rack at 55 s. market; (and the two  this will actually decrease our costs (slightly.  Not by a lot)  and it will significantly increase our capacity. 

This also will put us in Santa Clara, which means we can sell bandwidth to anyone on the SVP fiber ring.     

We have an upcoming project with unixsurplus.com that will likely result in inexpensive (and unlike the prgmr.com 'servers of opportunity' stuff, actually available in a timely manner)   dedicated servers.  

We need to be out of the old stuff by 2013-05-13.  Emails will be going out this week to users that will be moved. 

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