Rehnquist is back up

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It was smartctl crashing the box.

04:31 <@prgmrcom> looks like it's the -data  (while using a marvell sas card)
                  that causes the panic
04:33 <@prgmrcom> -d marvell doesn't work either, but no -d at all seems to be
                  okay on the command line.  lets see if it crashes the box.
04:34 <@prgmrcom> while technically incorrect (-d ata, that is)  it shouldn't
                  crash the thing, and it didn't crash the thing before the
04:35 <@prgmrcom> okay, it didn't crash.  booting xen, I guess.
04:42 <@prgmrcom> replacing disk too
04:45 < srn_prgmr> nb: it looks like smartd.conf should be edited to remove
                   explicit references to "-d" before performing a yum upgrade
04:47 < Bugged> that seems failure-prone
04:48 < srn_prgmr> Well, that's what was causing the crash
04:48 < srn_prgmr> I haven't been able to find a related ticket

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