Additional unplanned downtime

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so yeah, we have a handful of dell C6100s in the bottom of each of the racks.   These are me working on a deal where I help unixsurplus lease some of their stuff.  Anyhow, this evening around 8:00pm my time, Miles was swapping out one of the units.  And here is why it's a bad idea to put these things on the bottom of the rack;   the 4 blades all come out the back... and the l6-30 is right there in the way.   Well, the upshot is that power got disconnected for the whole rack.  

This outage was exacerbated by me just doing the minimum to get servers up last night.   some of the servers, for instance, defaulted to non-xen linux in the grub config (we do this, often, when troubleshooting the serial console, for instance, we then manually select the xen  kernel, and then fix menu.lst after the box is up.  Well, I didn't fix menu.lst when I was configuring these this morning.) 

So yeah, what are we going to do to fix this problem?   well, first, I think the importance of being careful around power connectors has been impressed upon miles.  but more importantly, now we are moving all the c6100 units up to mid rack height.  

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