Outage in rack 05-11 - Luke's report

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NOTE:  please read the report written by srn.  It's better:


So, a co-lo customer brings in a desktop so cheap that it has a manual 120-240
switch.  My co-lo, of course, is 208.

Everything made in the last 10 years auto-switches 100-240v. But not this

Anyhow, he plugged it in, and this destroyed my PDU.  We went to the
office and grabbed a spare, mounted it, and you should be back up (the
power cord situation in rack 05-11 is now much, much worse, due to plugging
it back in during a panic.)

This is my fault, of course;  I thought this person was pretty competent,
and I had a little room left in 05-11 and nowhere else, so I put him in with
the production stuff.   Clearly, this was a mistake.

Interestingly, this was on a sub-pdu (that was plugged in via a c19->c20;  my main pdu has several c19 outlets as well as a bunch of c13)  - and the sub-pdu works just fine still;  it was the main PDU that completely fried.   I need to learn more about electricity.     

anyhow, you should be back up now.  I'm sorry.

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