Packet loss issues now fixed

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the packet loss some routes experienced between 4:30pm and 8:10pm  PST is now fixed.

03:14 <@prgmrcom> OK, so what happened was that I'm getting rid of my shit in 
                  c07 and c08 in room 1435 at 55 s. market.   
03:15 <@prgmrcom> I got another cross connect from egi to yd33 (in room 1435... 
                  gah, c07 and c08 were in 1460, not 1435) 
03:15 <@prgmrcom> on the same network.
03:15 <@prgmrcom> and I told them to make it 100Mbps.
03:15 < Bugged> getting 1% or less loss now
03:15 < refreshingapathy> let me guess, they dropped a 0
03:15 <@prgmrcom> so they set it to 100mbps.   and apparently the switch in c08 
                  was configured to 1000/full or something.    
03:16 < refreshingapathy> ahhh.
03:16 <@prgmrcom> I switched to the other cross connect that didn't use that 
03:16 <@prgmrcom> didn't use that switch.
03:16 <@prgmrcom> so now I just need to get the garbage out of c08.  

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