so, uh, sorry about breaking networking on wilson

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I'm... kindof an idiot.   See, I'm up writing this instead of sleeping, when I'm clearly stupid at this point.   but yeah.  Thing is?  the new network consists of a force10 10G switch (4x fxp, 24xcx4) switch for all four racks, plus one woven trx100 (4 port 10g cx4, 48 port 1g rj45) switch per rack.  I'm using lacp to aggrigate the 10g links into one 40G link (it actually works pretty well, because you all have different mac address, the traffic is well-balanced.   a common problem with layer two link aggregation is that usually it uses the source and dest mac addresses to figure out which link to send a packet down, so it's easy to get unbalanced traffic... but all you have different mac addresses, so it spreads traffic as well as a much larger network.)

Anyhow, uh, yeah.   lemme check my notes.

okay, on the woven?  to put a port on a vlan, you do something like this:

interface 0/3
vlan pvid 30

or so.    Then, on the aggrigate, you do something like:

on the woven:
interface 3/1
vlan acceptframe vlanonly
vlan participation exclude 1
vlan participation include 30,33
vlan tagging 30,33
lacp collector max-delay 0

See, I thought that the 'vlan tagging' thing was for access-mode links, to tag incoming packets that don't already have a vlan header with a particular vlan, so I removed (!) it.    from a working (!)  vlan.  so clearly, it was a stupid, stupid, undercaffinated mistake.  

I figured the problem out shortly after making myself a cup of coffee.  

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