wow... that was a lot more than an hour.

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Wow.  That was a lot more than an hour of downtime.   I'm sorry.   Several
things went wrong.  You know all those plans I was talking about with
regards to having everything set and ready to go?   Well, first?
the console server wasn't all the way setup.    Next?  turns out, I had 5
pre-made opengear dongles, not 10 like I needed;  I of course have plenty
of unconfigured db9->rj45 adaptors about, but the instructions I had were
by color (which is stupid, as there aren't standard colurs for the
rj45->db9 dongles, and my new ones are different)  and it took me a while
to figure out how to make a proper opengear rj45->db9 dongle.

Then, the rest?  mostly just being stupid and tired.   Like we swapped the
network ports (which I had pre-configured) then stood around like idiots
wondering why the thing boots so slowly.

Anyhow, I've got a 5 year lease on my four 5kw racks here in coresite
santa clara, so for you?  the ordeal is over.  Yes, at some point I'll
want to move you on to better hardware, but that usually comes with better
performance and usually more disk/ram and stuff, and often it can be done
at the user's convenience.  (that's what I told the users who moved, anyhow.)

Anyhow, I think I'm not moving anything tonight.  I will need to clean up the
co-lo, but most of my mistakes here were of the tired and stupid variety.  

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