network outage report

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We were hit by a DoS attack last night;  or, rather, we were the source of a DoS attack last night, which caused intermittent packet loss.   The traffic was to and from Chinese IP addresses, so clearly, someone was doing it the old fashioned way and spoofing a source address.

Now, most of my Xen hosts do egress filtering.   But turns out I didn't have egress filtering enabled on my router.   My router is a debian box running quagga, so I whip up a few firewall rules.      Of course, I'm a good 10 minutes out from 55 s. market, so I put in a 'sleep 100' then a flush while testing the rules.  Everything looks good during this time period, so I do it again with a 'sleep 1000' 

Turns out my testing was faulty, and the network was down hard for approximately 1000 seconds.  

Yeah.  I feel like an asshole.

I will be getting help before enabling the rules again.

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