Billing migration rescheduled to Saturday March 21, 12:00 PST -0700

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We ran into some unexpected problems and were not able to finish before people were too tired to continue. All we had done on the existing billing system was disable some cron jobs and take down some links; those changes have been reverted.

The window for Saturday will again be noon to 11:59 PM.

So what exactly were those problems? One was that our license for blesta was not taking and we weren't sure why. That was traced down to some extremely zealous firewall rules.

A second problem was with paypal credentials. Previously we had been using sandbox credentials to test Blesta. There are different methods of authenticating to paypal and blesta accepts only a subset of those. We were having difficulty with the paypal user interface trying to figure out how to generate the correct type of credentials. That was eventually straightened out.

Third was that a script was not updated and the migration was performed to a test server and not production. We could have tried copying data from the test server to production, however since they are different servers with different licenses it would have risked corrupting the blesta setup. Running the migration takes long enough that everyone would probably be too tired at the time it completed, which is why we decided to roll back the changes and try again this Saturday.

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