DIY grub2 support (mostly 64-bit) added

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Instructions here.

Paravirtualized xen support has been available in grub2 for some time now; I think it's been at least 6 months that I've been talking about deploying it. This week I said "screw it" and actually pulled everything together to get it done. This took a few patches described here.

The biggest, most annoying thing is that 32-bit mode doesn't work under xen 3. I looked and it's just not worth the time and effort to try to make it work. But since our motto is "we don't assume you are stupid" I decided not to hold back 64-bit support from everywhere, despite it potentially being more confusing. This is yet another reason to move from centos 5 to centos 6 on all of our machines.

The pre-generated distributions were designed for pv-grub and will either not work or have hiccups under grub2, which is why using grub2 is DIY. The next time the images are updated, hopefully we'll have centos 6 everywhere so the images can start using it natively. Since legacy grub files are still supported we can make grub2 the default at that time.

Have fun and let us know if you run into any issues or need changes to the default config file.

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