Network maintenance starting tonight 20:00 -0700 - minimal downtime expected

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I expect us to complete decommissioning of our primary router tonight in favor of one with a much more modern version of Linux, as well as much better hardware.

For moving the gateway IPs -  testing last night with an unused subnet showed no visible downtime pinging at a 1 second interval from outside the network to a VM inside the network. Previously we had attempted to add a route from the existing router, but now we are changing which router announces our IPs in advance.

By design, BGP route announcements can come from multiple routers, so changing this should not lead to downtime. We have already moved a portion of our subnets. will also be moving the static routes for the IPs we still have from them to the new router tonight. We will coordinate with their technical support during the transition.

Normally I would give more advance notice, but we are being charged by for not having completed moving from the old connection to the new one yet and I don't expect the changes to cause any problems.

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