Leap second behavior

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Older versions of the linux kernel, such as Centos 5, may be using the host server (the dom0) time. If

/sbin/sysctl xen.independent_wallclock

returns 'xen.independent_wallclock = 0', you are using the time we set. This can be changed by running /sbin/sysctl -w xen.independent_wallclock=1 .

On the CentOS 5 host servers, which is the majority of them, a leap second will be inserted. This is what occurred in 2012 and there were no issues on our end.

On the CentOS 6 host servers, the time is being slewed instead of a leap second being inserted per "Workaround 2" on https://access.redhat.com/articles/199563. These servers are as follows:


You can check your current dom0 by looking at the result of 'host <guest>.dom0.xen.prgmr.com'.

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