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There is a scheduled maintenance happening on Sat, 12 July 2014 20:00:00 -0700  on hosts
council.prgmr.com and halter.prgmr.com. There will be a downtime of no more than three
hours for your server to be rebooted.
This is routine maintenance and we do not expect any issues, but as always we suggest 
that you backup your data and make sure that your VPS is prepared for a shutdown.
We may need to look into your console to confirm you are back online.  If you do not want us to look inside of your console, let us know at support@prgmr.com and we can work out the details with you.


They are both back up and the new drives are rebuilding.  If you see any issues with your server, make sure to contact support@prgmr.com with your issues.

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